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Founded in 1986, Ashwood Leather produces beautiful innovative designs combined with timeless shapes for each generation for over 30 years
By only using highly selected tanned hides each leather product retains its natural and individual character combined with modern manufacturing techniques to ensure a tailored finish.
Their timeless collections capture the spirit of the past with the necessities of the future, precision and care from their British in house design team.

Ashwood and the Deer

In the heart of Ashwood Leather’s legacy lies a symbol that transcends mere representation – the majestic deer logo. Conceived in 2010 by Adrian Johnston, the visionary handbag designer and production manager of Ashwood Handbags, this emblem carries with it a tale of inspiration drawn from the lush landscapes of England’s Royal Stately Homes and Estates. Adrian’s upbringing, steeped in the enchanting sight of deer roaming freely amidst verdant scenery alongside his family, ignited the spark that birthed the iconic Ashwood deer logo.

Adrian’s journey into the world of design was anything but conventional. Having spent fifteen formative years in Portugal, honing his craft with Marta Ponti, he imbibed the intricacies of leather handbag construction and design from seasoned artisans. His quest for excellence led him across continents, forging alliances with premier tanneries and factories, including ventures into Asia, all in pursuit of refining his artistry. Through his unwavering dedication, Adrian’s expertise resonated with some of the most esteemed brands in the UK and beyond.

Yet, amidst his global odyssey, Adrian remained tethered to his roots, driven by a profound love for his craft. His mission was clear: to make Ashwood handbags not only a symbol of affordability and functionality but also a testament to timeless beauty and style. In the graceful silhouette of the Ashwood deer logo, one finds not just a symbol, but a narrative woven from passion, heritage, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Why Ashwood chose the Deer as its symbol for it’s handbags and accessories

Deer symbolise various positive traits across different cultures and contexts:

Gentleness and Grace: Deer are often associated with qualities of gentleness, grace, and elegance. Their graceful movements and peaceful demeanor symbolize a calm and gentle approach to life.
Sensitivity and Intuition: Deer are known for their acute senses, particularly their sensitivity to their environment and their intuitive nature. They symbolise the importance of listening to one’s instincts and paying attention to subtle cues.
Spirituality and Connection to Nature: In many spiritual traditions, deer are revered as symbols of spiritual enlightenment and connection to nature. They represent the harmony between the natural world and the spiritual realm.
Adaptability and Agility: Deer are highly adaptable creatures, capable of navigating various terrains with agility. They symbolize the ability to adapt to change and overcome obstacles gracefully.
Peace and Harmony: Deer are often depicted in tranquil settings, symbolizing peace, harmony, and serenity. They remind us to find inner peace and to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.
Compassion and Kindness: Deer are nurturing animals, often caring for their young with great tenderness. They symbolize compassion, kindness, and maternal instincts.
Spirit Animal: In some cultures, deer are believed to be spirit animals that offer guidance, protection, and support to those who connect with their energy. They serve as symbols of guidance and intuition.

Overall, the deer symbolizes a range of positive qualities including grace, sensitivity, spirituality, adaptability, peace, compassion, and guidance, making it a revered creature in various cultural and spiritual context.

Highest Dedication to Craftmanship

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Our commitment is to supply our customers with the highest quality products at the most reasonable and competitive prices.
All our products are made by trained craftsmen in factories, which adhere to Sedex standards for social and ethical compliance.

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