Ashwood Esquire Vintage Leather Handbag: Gloucester


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Ashwood Esquire Vintage Leather Handbag: Gloucester

Crafted for the modern sophisticate with a penchant for classic charm, the Ashwood Esquire Vintage Leather Handbag is a testament to timeless style fused with everyday practicality. This exquisite accessory, fashioned from rich, distressed leather, exudes an aura of aged elegance that grows more profound with each passing year.

The handbag’s design features multiple compartments, each securely fastened with sturdy zippers that promise the safekeeping of your essentials. A front pocket, adorned with a subtly embossed logo, offers convenient access, while the additional zippered sections ensure your belongings are organized and within easy reach.

Adjustable in length, the robust leather strap allows for a customized fit, whether draped over the shoulder or worn cross-body, accommodating comfort and preference. Metal hardware accents give a nod to the handbag’s durability and add a hint of industrial chic to the overall aesthetic.

Dimensions (L) 25.5cm (W) 11.5cm (H) 23cm

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